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Open Beta Boosted with New Patch

We are closing to the end of open beta and are with that putting a busy week of testing, bug hunting and insistent server improvements behind us. We have come a long way since day one and very happy to see all the positive things you have to say about Aion, but we are still at a point where can do a lot to improve connectivity performance and make the game a better and smoother experience for everyone.

The frosting on this beta’s cake will manifest itself through a dazzling new patch starting distribution on Saturday 9/12/2009 at 5 p.m. CDT/11 p.m. BST (more). We want to make up for the lost playtime not only by the long list of improvements that are shipped, but also by adding an additional 6 hours to the end of open beta. Open beta will end on Monday 9/14/2009 at 2 a.m. CDT/8 a.m. BST (more)

It will take us a while to implement all the tasty updates, but if Aion is with us, Atreia will once again thrive with players and life two mere hours later. For European players who prefer to leave night watch to our owl friends in the animal kingdom, this is an excellent chance to leave your launcher on over night to make sure Aion gets patched up and ready for Sunday! The patch is about 630MB big so you might want to consider doing this.

Aion Patch Notes

We hope you are looking forward to seeing all these improvements as much as we do, and wish you will enjoy the 6 hour extension of open beta. Keep posting the same good feedback in our beta forums as you have done so far, and follow us closely on Twitter (@aion_ayase, @aion_xaen, @aion_amboss, @aion_liv). Our mission to communicate everything Aion and to keep you updated continues.

Fly safely.

Source: AionOnline.com

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