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Open Beta Boosted with New Patch

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We are closing to the end of open beta and are with that putting a busy week of testing, bug hunting and insistent server improvements behind us. We have come a long way since day one and very happy to see all the positive things you have to say about Aion, but we are still at a point where can do a lot to improve connectivity performance and make the game a better and smoother experience for everyone.

The frosting on this beta’s cake will manifest itself through a dazzling new patch starting distribution on Saturday 9/12/2009 at 5 p.m. CDT/11 p.m. BST (more). We want to make up for the lost playtime not only by the long list of improvements that are shipped, but also by adding an additional 6 hours to the end of open beta. Open beta will end on Monday 9/14/2009 at 2 a.m. CDT/8 a.m. BST (more)

It will take us a while to implement all the tasty updates, but if Aion is with us, Atreia will once again thrive with players and life two mere hours later. For European players who prefer to leave night watch to our owl friends in the animal kingdom, this is an excellent chance to leave your launcher on over night to make sure Aion gets patched up and ready for Sunday! The patch is about 630MB big so you might want to consider doing this.

Aion Patch Notes

We hope you are looking forward to seeing all these improvements as much as we do, and wish you will enjoy the 6 hour extension of open beta. Keep posting the same good feedback in our beta forums as you have done so far, and follow us closely on Twitter (@aion_ayase, @aion_xaen, @aion_amboss, @aion_liv). Our mission to communicate everything Aion and to keep you updated continues.

Fly safely.


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Video Podcast #3 – East Meets West

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Aion Video Podcast 3

Get a firsthand look at the NCsoft office in Seoul, Korea, in the third official Aion video podcast found exclusively at,,,, and! Join Associate Producer Lani Blazier, Lead Designer YongChan Jee, Lead Artist Hyung Jun Kim, and other members of the development team in your inside peek at Aion. The team talks candidly about how the design makes the game appeal to players across the globe, the future of Aion, and more.

Source: NA

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List of Aion servers at launch

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Many of you have been curious to learn what the names of the Aion servers will be at launch. We’ve listed the server names below along with their associated time zones. The servers are aligned to those time zones (e.g. affecting fortresses) so that players on the East Coast as well as those on the West Coast can have blocks of game time to play during each server’s prime time. Daylight saving will apply at launch.

Before the start of preselection (which begins September 18, 2009), we will also give our fans from the Oceanic region the chance to take part in an online community poll where you can indicate what server you’d pick unofficially if you want to play with your friends and neighbors. We hope to show instant results in the poll so that you can see which server provides you the best chance to meet them.

We are going to post a similar community poll for roleplayers. We have decided not to officially tag servers as roleplaying servers and enforce specific rules on them. However, we do believe that roleplayers are an essential part of our community, and we support their initiative to claim their own unofficial roleplaying server. Aion gives you the ability to create your own chat channel, and we are already seeing a lot of roleplaying groups out there who are defining their own rules and building up their own communities. Take your time to organize your group before the poll goes live, and then pick the server that would give you the best chance to find players with the same roleplaying interests.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Atreia on one of these servers at launch!

North America

[East] Azphel GMT-5
[East] Israphel GMT-5
[East] Lumiel GMT-5
[East] Marchutan GMT-5
[East] Triniel GMT-5
[East] Zikel GMT-5
[West] Ariel GMT-8
[West] Kaisinel GMT-8
[West] Nezekan GMT-8
[West] Siel GMT-8
[West] Vaizel GMT-8
[West] Yustiel GMT-8


[ENG] Spatalos
[ENG] Telemachus
[ENG] Castor
[ENG] Perento
[ENG] Gorgos

[GER] Kromede
[GER] Thor
[GER] Votan
[GER] Balder

[FRA] Urtem
[FRA] Vidar
[FRA] Suthran

Source: NA, EU

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Aion Open Beta Live!

September 6, 2009 1 comment

Servers are up and now playable. Beta level cap is 30 so what are you waiting for, go log on now!

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Aion Econ from a WoW Player’s Perspective (Part 3)

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

In Part 2 of our Aion Econ series, we covered gear types and quality as well as consumables. In this next segment, we are going to discuss the Trade Broker, Taxes, and setting up your very own Private Store.

Trade Broker

Trade Broker

This is Aion’s version of the auction house. Although you can vendor items and materials that you pick up as you level, to maximize Kinah income, you want to sell them at the Trade Broker. This is especially important during the launch of a few game. There is will a huge demand for all kinds of items as everyone will be trying to level at the same time. The user interface is almost identical to WoW’s AH. All the features are there like sorting, item categories, ect. You can find Trade Brokers at your factions major city, either Pandaemonium for the Asmodae and Sanctum for the Elyos.

There is a tab called “Register”, this is just a fancy word for post/sell. This is where you drag and drop items you want to sell and set their prices. Once you drop an item in this area, a window will pop up asking you how much you want to sell it for. The default price that comes up will be what the item vendors for. Vendor prices will change and fluctuate depending who controls areas of the Abyss and taxes, which we will cover later. There is also a fee associated with listing an item which is based on the item and asking price. You are also allowed to cancel auctionswhich will cause you to lose your fee. These auctionswill last 8 days without the option of changing the duration. This can be a great feature if you are not the type that sits in front of the AH day and more of the casual, check my auctionsevery 2 days type of player. Imagine listing your auctions and coming back 8 days later to collect your Kinah. This can be good or bad depending how you want to look at it. In addition to the long duration of auctions, you are only allowed to have 10 auctions up at a time, per character. This is a dramatic difference from WoW, where your top gold makers maybe listing hundreds of auctions through semi-automatic add-onslike Auctioneer. Having to not manage and list so many auctions in Aion is a nice change of pace. However when you do want to mass produce and list tons of items, you will have to have alts that do this for you. This will take up character slots and a small bit of time from logging in and out from all your bank/auction alts.

The next tab is called “Settle Account”. Auctions that have expired or sold will appear here. You will be retrieving unsold items here as well as collecting your Kinah on sucessful auctions. Unlike WoW, your auctions will have nothing to do with your mailbox. You will however get a server message saying you need to go check the Trade Broker anytime your auctions sell or end.



In the Abyss, an massive PvPzone as well as end-game location, there are fortresses that players and Legions (guilds) can capture. Depending on which faction controls them, the taxes are in their favor. So one of the benefits of gaining control of these fortresses is that taxes are lower or non-existent for your faction. Taxes apply to all vendor materials, which as we mentioned before, there are a lot of items you can buy from them. This is important because you want to buy regents and vendor materials for crafting during low tax rate times. Now if you are the opposing faction, you will be paying a 10% tax on all vendor goods. Items being sold to the vendor also nets you less Kinah when you are the faction being taxed. As for WoW, having a high reputation will give you discounts up to 20% on specific vendors. In Aion, you have to work as a team and faction to get these price breaks which is a very interesting concept and really rewards team play.

Private Store

Private Store

Hearing about having your very own store should excite most of our econ/gold focused readers. This feature will be used most likely for those items that couldn’t fit into your Trade Broker due to its’ limit of 10 items or less rule. You can essentially set up your own shop anywhere in the world, but for efficiency, you will want to set one up in high traffic areas at your major city or questing hubs. 50 people with their own shops set up and store message via chat bubbles above their heads is an interesting sight to see at a major city. It probably contributes to a bit of lag while running through all these shops. Your shop will have a small flag and you sitting on a chair next to it. You can set up a store message to display, which other will see it as a chat bubble. You can set your own prices of your items and I think that you can have multiple pages as well. The interface looks just like any other vendor so players who walk buy can just purchasean item by Right-Clicking it. There are a few limitations to the Private Store method however. Players who are looking to buy specific items are most likely going to the Trade Broker instead of going through tons of Private Stores throughout the city. Also, once you set up show you cannon perform any other physical actions till you close the shop down. Your store only remains open as long as you are online, so you are trading your gameplay time for store time. To some of us, we already spend time at the AH trying to sell items already, so this isn’t such a big deal.

In Part 4 of your Aion Econ series, we will cover Stigma Stones, Manastones, and Godstones. These are comparable to glyphs, item and weapon enchants.

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Letter from Aion Producer Brian Knox on Open Beta

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment


Welcome to the Open Beta Test for Aion in both Europe and North America.

Below you will find a list of the major changes and additions to Aion since you last participated in our Closed Beta Test. We have done our best to provide a comprehensive list of changes. The Open Beta brings the game content up to the 1.5 patch that is available in Korea; the same updates that were made to the Korean live servers are being implemented here, as well. While there may be some differences when comparing the official NA/EU notes to fan site translations of Korea’s official notes, the game content is the same.

Not only does Open Beta bring a number of game improvements and additions, you’ll also notice that we had a major terminology overhaul to complete our effort of Westernizing the game. Many skills and items have changed since the Closed Beta Test and should be a welcome surprise as you explore the world.

While we feel the Open Beta version will provide a complete experience, we wanted to note that this is not our final update before launch. Our launch version is in internal testing, and it will continue to flesh out the 1.5 update with the help of your feedback and experiences in Open Beta.

Please remember this is an Open Beta Test, and while our goal is to provide you with a flawless Aion experience, there are behind-the-scenes infrastructure tests happening to prepare for launch. One very important area that will affect everyone is that we will be balancing races as folks rush to log into the servers. As a result, you may get a “This race cannot be created” message because that server is starting to become unbalanced. It’s important to us that we try and keep a balance of the races during the Open Beta of Aion. If you come across this message, please feel free to try another server or wait until the server balance has tipped back.

Another hot topic has been our Web site and whether we will be bringing over some of the services that Korea has provided to their community. The short answer is yes! Just like the PowerWiki, we will be bringing some of these services to our own site. We hope to begin rolling them out in the coming weeks.

Overall, we are very excited for Open Beta – it is a culmination of a lot of effort and the feedback of our community. For example, one of the most requested features during Closed Beta testing was a suggestion to use the left mouse button to change the camera. We also added more content both in the persistent game world and in instanced dungeons. You’ll see this change and many others were added in this game update, including:

1. New Areas: Theobomos (Elysea) and Brusthonin (Asmodae)
2. New Instances!
3. Over 40 new default faces have been added to character creation.
4. Increased PvPvE rewards
5. UI changes (click-to-move has been disabled by default)
6. New items!
7. New skills + increased balance
8. Tons of new quests.
9. Advanced Stigma Stone System
10. Chat Channels
a. Class
b. Region
c. Looking For Group
d. Languages

Find a full list of patch notes here.

With this update there is a lot of great content and a very fun world to explore, and we hope that during Open Beta you will experience the magic that is Aion.

Open Beta starts 9 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. BST, 6 p.m. CEST) on Sunday, September 6th.

Brian Knox
Producer, Aion


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