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Aion Econ from a WoW Player’s Perspective (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our Aion Econ series, we will covered the very basics including Kinah, Inventory, Warehouse, and Mailboxes. In this next segment, we are going to discuss gear types and their quality as well as consumables.

Item Quality


There are different item quality types but the different colors don’t neccessarily corospond to the ones in WoW. Here is the break down of Aion item quality:

Item Quality

The highest level of gear you can obtain would be Orange/Unique quality and unlike WoW, you can have a full set of this color. Where as WoW has only a few select Orange/Legendary items in the game. Blue quality items are highly desirable while leveling in Aion and they come at fairly high prices on the Trade Broker (aka Auction House) because they will last you a while. There are Orange items here too, however they cost a lot of Kinah and do not come easy to obtain one. They can be crafted, but Aion’s profession system is very in-depth and extreme compared to WoW’s, where you can fully power-level a profession within a few hours.




There are 9 different weapon types in Aion, which is very similar to WoW. You can also craft every type of weapon in Aion where WoW does not have a profession that lets you craft bows yet. For some of the melee weapons, there are also a different class of them called “Extendable Weapons”. These do what the name says, they extend out to attack your enemy, which means it extends your melee range.

  • Daggers
  • Swords
  • Maces
  • Staves
  • Spellbooks
  • Orbs
  • Greatswords
  • Polearms
  • Bows

Armor Class


Armor Class

Again, this is very similar to WoW with a few exceptions like the Priest class being able to wear chain armor. It’s not to big of a deal, you will get used to how things work in Aion even if WoW was your first and only MMO.

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Chain
  • Plate
  • Shields

Armor Slots



The only notable difference here is the addition of 2 earring armor slots and no cloak slot like WoW. You can also wear any type of helm, be it cloth or plate, since it is not treated as a type of armor and considered an accessory. There is also a slot for your Wings, which is how you fly around and travel in this game. Wings have stats on them that add additional flight time of your character, however in certain PvP zones, you are given unlimited flight time.

  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Shoulder
  • Gloves
  • Boots


  • Head Gear
  • Belt
  • Earrings x2
  • Rings x2
  • Wings

Equipment Skins and Dyes



These allow you to customize how you armor looks and the color. Although aesthetics may not matter to some, there are a good amount of people that care about what their character looks like. While equipment skinning can’t be done till level 30, you can use dyes at any level. Dyes are items you can buy that change the color of your armor to make them match so you don’t look like a clown with mismatched armor like in WoW. Skinning your armor is the act of physically make a piece look like another piece. Some of the Aion Kinah making guides I have read have a tactic where you skin lower level items like end-game Abyss armor. Once you have located a certain armor set for its’ looks, you can skin the armor that you are selling before putting it on the Trade Broker for increased sales.




Things like potions, food, drink, and scrolls act like their equivalents in WoW. The great thing about food in Aion is that you don’t need them to regen your health and mana like WoW, there is just a built in ability called “Rest” that is the equivalent of eating/drinking in WoW. As for scrolls, there are travel scrolls that can be bought and when used, you it will teleport you to the certain areas. In WoW, teleporting is reserved for certain classes/professions.

From the research we have done on consumables, we found out that they are always in demand and used all the time. In WoW, most end-game raiders use consumables like flasks, food, and DPS potions to give them a slight edge but usually does not mean a difference between a wipe and boss kill, at least for normal modes. In Aion, where end-game is very PvP focused, using consumables can be the difference between killing your enemy or dying and losing Abyss Points (Honor equivalent in WoW) and experience. Players carry lots of health/mana potions, flight speed/time consumables, and various potions that dispell certain effects. In WoW terms, imagine doing a battleground with a flask and food buff, using DPS potions to finish off your enemy, using [Free Action Potion], [Swiftness Potion], and [Restorative Potion] when the situation called for it. Although not every single Aion player will be so into consumables, just like WoW, there is more at stake here than just dying and rezzing at a spirit healer.

Along with the basic consumables, there are also:

  • Odella Powder
  • Power Shards
  • Kisks and Resurrection Stones

Although there are bandages in Aion, using your Odella skill helps you regen a small amount of health or mana. This ability requires some cheap reagents called “Odella Powder”. This system is similar to using a bandage in WoW except there is a mana restoring version. Power Shards are like temporary buffs to your melee weapon that you can turn on and off. Each hit with your weapon consumes one shard and you can buy these normally from a vendor. They range from +10 to +35 weapon damage.

A “Kisk” is like a mobile spirit rezzer. You can purchase one and activate your location of choice, players can use their “Bind” ability (similar to your Hearth location in WoW) to save themselves to the Kisk. When they die, they will be rezzed at this specific Kisk. Imagine questing or hunting down an outdoor raid boss and when you die, you will resurrect at this Kisk, which is placed just a few feet from where you died.

Resurrection Stones are simply amazing. When used, they act either like a player’s resurrection spell, while other types can act like the soulstone of WoW. In Aion, you are allowed to resurrect in combat, so using these stones allows any player the ability to rez a dead player who died on a boss fight.

As you can see there are some interesting consumables in Aion and best part is that most of them can be bought from a vendor. Some of the end-game items are crafted using profession and are highly desirable so making money with crafting/professions is a possibility.

In [Part 3] of our Aion Econ series, we will cover the Trade Broker, Taxes, and setting up your very own Private Store!

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